Three things boaters forget when launching

Do you know that 60% of boat owners admit they make these three mistakes while launching a boat?

1. Corroded fittings, old hoses, rusty hose clamps & split bellows

Before launching, use a bright light and mirror to take a good look at all your hoses and bellows.Hoses should fit snugly and be double-clamped where possible. Inspect thru-hulls for corrosion or cracking, and make sure seacocks operate easily so you can close them in an emergency. Immediately after launching, check everything again.

2. Corroded Anodes

Anodes protect the running gear from its own self-destruction in the form of galvanic corrosion. Don’t forget to inspect or replace anodes if necessary, and keep an eye on them over the season. The rate at which an anode deteriorates may indicate stray current in the water.

3. Forgetting to insert the drain plug

It’s one of the most common mistakes made by boaters in the spring, most often at the launch ramp. Having a boat launch checklist can help remember this.

Three things boaters forget when launching

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