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Tim Panasiuk for Gibbons Motor Toys. Today we're going to show you the Kingfisher 2225. So that's our Coastal Series boat. We call it the experience model and we've talked about this in the past.

So with with the Coastal series, I'll just refresh your memories with this. We've got a 22 and 24 experience. And the difference with those boats is that you got a rearward sloping windshield. With the Coastal Express series they build that in a 23, a 26 and a 28, and you have the forward sloping windshield is going to be the primary difference.

There's other differences with the bow, which we'll explain when we get into it. So this 2225 is essentially the same boat as the 2325.

Other than the differences with the windshield and the drop bow versus the close bow, which will explain, like I said earlier, other than that it is essentially the same boat.

So this boat is actually 24 feet long if you measure from the back of the engine bracket to the bow, making it a 22 foot hull, the 2325 although it's called a 2325, again remember that it's actually the same length, same beam, same physical hull, even though it's got a different number on it.

Speaking of the beam, this is got an eight foot beam, so a 96 inch beam, it's got I believe three foot one inch high sides on it. It's quite a 16 degree dead rise. We'll show you the back of the transom here in just a minute. Like every kingfisher, you've got a full reverse chine hull formed into the hull welded on right from the bow to the stern. We don't paint to the very bottom. We've showed you this before. The reason for that is if you ever beach, the boat, the pebbles, the gravel that might be onshore if your boat go sideways, it's not to put chips in the paint. So it's going to stay looking like this for many years. That's the advantage to that. This rubrail, it's a heavy duty rubber. This is an option on the boat. The boat comes standard with 0.1, 251 inch sides on the aluminum. And the heavy duty rub r rail is an option. The bottom of the hull comes standard with 190, which is three sixteenths. There is an optional quarter inch bottom as well, which is what we have on this particular hull here.

Moving to the stern of the boat, you've got your back engine bracket. This particular hull can be fitted with a number of different power options. So here we've got a 250 main engine with a 15 horsepower kicker. We have sold these with literally almost every combination you can think of. So the maximum horsepower for this hull is 250 horsepower. We have sold these with just a single 150 on the back and it works really well. So 150, 175, a 200, a 225, or 250, any one of those engines is going to work great.

And there is a significant difference from our inline four cylinder, 150 to our V6, 175, 225 to the V8 250, which this is. And even though all those engines are significantly different, the hull performs really good with all of them. Obviously, the more money you spend on the horsepower, the more nimble, the better, the higher the performance, the more speed you're getting get out of it. But as far as you know, if it's a want then sure, put the maximum horsepower on it. It makes the boat more fun, if it's what you need.

The 150 totally works fine on this boat. It's going to carry a great load. Still give you a good cruise performance and obviously be more economical. The other option on this is two 115s, which we have done in the past. Any one of those combinations works really well.

Looking at the bottom of this hull, I said earlier it's a 16 degree bottom. And what that does is it really gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you a nice smooth ride and rough water, and it gives you really good stability when you're traveling or sitting still moving from side to side in the boat.

The boat stays very stable. This was a new design hull just a few years ago. So it really does perform for the intent that it was designed for, which is both the smooth ride on step quick, good steering and handling and that important stability when the boat's at rest.

Ok, on the aft deck of the 2225. we'll start with showing you we've showed you just before - the walk through transom. Very nice idea that Kingfisher came up with here at work. So slick, when it's closed it looks like a full transom. So you've got cupholders here. It's got a lock to snap into place when you fold it down. It just becomes a natural step. Make it very easy. Egress and ingress, on or off the engine bracket. You've got a fish tank, or a live well. This has got the live well option plugged into it.

Makes a great place for crab if you're on the in the saltwater or you can use it for any other species of fish or bait, depending where you're at.

A storage drawer here, heavy duty welded on cleats. This boat we've mounted the Burnewiin mounts on. So basically just a very heavy duty mount. We've got a separate video on Burnewiin themselves I won't talk about that whole lot here. Other than these are bases or the down riggers. So just make some really quick and easy to to remove from the boat.

We've got more mounts across the transom rail so those can be used for knives, rod holders, a barbecue, whatever you may want. This is got a fresh water or actually a raw water wash down. You've got the storage trays with the rolled the lips on them, which we've talked about before. It just makes them stronger, more comfortable, if you bang those with your legs or knees, it is soft to the touch. Those trays wrap around right to the back here, just giving you more storage.

When you look at the end at the battery compartment here, like every KingFisher, everything is very neatly done and organized. We've got a crank battery. We've got dual six volt a house. Batteries hooked up in series there to give more capacity. We've got the macerator pumps through the easy clean floor, which we'll talk about right away. You've got your bilge pump. There is your live well pump. We've actually got dual bilge pumps in here, a fuel filter for the engine, everything very easy, easily accessible.

As far as the easy, clean floor, we've talked about that in the past. It is an option, starting with the 22 foot series. So this is the smallest boat that you can get it. So essentially it's not a self-baling floor, but it's the next best thing.

Anything, any debris, any fish mass, anything to get here to wash down. And none of it goes into the bilge. It goes into these back corners where there's a massive water pump on each side. There's a float switch. It'll automatically pump the debris overboard.

You got two fish lockers on each side, and you can see there's a drain plug there for there's another series or another video, I suppose that we should have with how to winterize and take care of this. But the long story short is, is that you just switch those plugs so that the right now all the water that's in there is going to not again drain into the bilge for wintertime. You would just simply remove that plug and whatever water is in there will drain into the bilge in which case the boat should be stored with the drain plug outs. So everything's going to empty.

You've got storage underneath the auxiliary helm here in this case, we've got the fuel tank for the diesel heater as for the auxiliary hull, you've got room where we can mount your electronics above or flush mount on the dash. We've got this is a great storage area. You got cupholders. We got this dam here to keep your tools, whatever you might put. Their kicker controls are easy to get at. This has got the upgraded 13-and-a-half-inch stainless steel wheel with the suicide knob. This has got an optional stereo in it.

Like all the Coastal Series boats, the quality of the doors and the hinges is really good. When this door is open, it's locked and secured in place. All you do is lift the lever again. Door's solid. They don't rattle. And when you open it that latches and holds and it very solid.

Moving into the cabin what we've got here is we've got our rear bench seats. Now, the one difference between our 2223 series versus when you get to the 24 26 28 series is this boat's not quite as deep, so we don't have room for a holding tank. Which means that this is going to have an optional Porta-Potty but not a flush toilet like you would get in Big Brother.

Other than that this is still got the sleeping quarters. So you have the aluminum bars go across here, you've got filler cushions, these cushions pop off here and just makes into a bed.

This has got the upgraded shock wave seats with the shock wave basses with the river master seats on them. So you've got the armrests that fold up and down and the shock waves just simply give you the best ride in the industry. You can adjust the air pressure to accommodate your weigh, so that you can fine tune it to give you the best ride for the conditions of your health, your back, etc..

As for the helm, you could see that we've got lots of space for flesh mounts here. So again, we've got double screens here, we've got a VHF, you got your trim tabs, you've got the heater control. We've still got the digital throttle and shift mounted on there and we've still got more room if you needed it.

Passenger's side cupholders Humongous glovebox we've added to stereo here this is great interior LED lights which are controlled but with that panel we've got added USB charging plugs.

Here we've got the Footrests for your feet on both the passenger and the driver's side and we've got more or finished dry storage. You could see where we've mounted the heater there on the driver's side. But other than that, that's all finished, good dry storage underneath the drop bow.

And then speaking of storage, there's also this compartment here. So so there's some more interior storage for you.

The other thing with the Kingfisher cabin is you'll notice the nice finish in here. So we've got a nice bright clean this is the cold weather package. So it just really brightens up the interior. It makes it quieter, obviously more comfortable in adverse weather. All the shelving everything's finished. There's no spots on here to scratch yourself, cut yourself. Everything is neatly finished. So you got storage on both the port and the starboard side. You've got a bus rail up here to hang on to and rough weather. And then you can see the rode here in the privacy curtain for the for the Porta-Potty

Moving into the drop bow, and we'll talk about this again because that's the main difference between the 2325 versus the 2225 is if we were in the 2325 right now, this one ship would be sloping forward. Our dash would come right across this would not open in the front. This would simply be two pieces of glass with no opening. So to get to the bow, if you are in a 2325, you're going to be walking outside around the cabin, which is certainly doable. So there's pros and cons to both. It really depends on what your mission is.

You know, an example might be if you're on the coast and all you do is ever pull up the docks, the 2325 might make sense. You could take advantage of a larger storage and a small cutty in the front if you're in both freshwater and saltwater, then you might want to consider the drop bow, because you have the easy access to the bow when you pull up to shore. I've also had people tell me that they like this drop bow and the salt because they all use that as a place to stand up and jig for hell of that. So, you know, again, it really depends on your needs.

Stepping into the drop bow area, same as every other Kingfisher boat, this is all sealed. So if you do get a wave in here, it's not going to sink your boat. You have a drain hole in each corner. So the water is going to exit outside the sides of the boat.

Here you've got anchor storage for Anchor Rod. You've got a slot here so you can tie up to this cleat. Again, heavy duty welded cleat here, if you have the roller for an anchor that come standard on here.

Looking at the roof of the boat, well, and even looking at the windshield, you'll notice the way that this the way that this seals. So see the way the lips on this windshield form around the outside of this. So when this windshield is closed, you've got yourself a very good seal. You're not going to have any water, any moisture getting in there.

Looking at the roof of the boat, this has got the optional, additional it's got the roof racks plus the additional cargo racks. So you can put anything from a small tender to paddle boards, crab traps, anything like that. Up there, you could see the eight rod holders at the aft part of the cabin.

This has got the optional scan, strut and radar on the roof. And the other thing that Kingfisher boat does, it's really nice is the welded tie down points here. So instead of having to tie to your racks, you can place items on the rocks and then you can tie to the welded eyelets.

Hopefully enjoyed this video. If you like it, please share with others and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see others like it.


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